Fine processing 30 Years Anniversary Tribute Album For The Monsters by Various Artists 29nu05uz

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    BRDisc 1BR1: Dead End Street - Urban JuniorBR2: And Then You Cry - Dylan WalsheBR3: Baby Ok - Nicole GarciaBR4: Nene Mi Droga Sos - Rolando BrunoBR5: Pony Tail and a Black Cadillac - King AutomaticBR6: Black - The Sex OrgansBR7: I See Dead People - The Failed TeachersBR8: Kiss Her Dead - Delaney DavidsonBR9: More You Talk - Sudden InfantBR10: Mother's Nest (I Want You) - Helios & HessBR11: Let Me Spend the Night With Your Wife - BigenericBR12: More You Talk - The DevilsBR13: Goin' Away Girl - The SenilesBR14: Pony Tail and a Black Cadillac - Roy And The Devil's MotorcycleBR15: I Wanna Be One of the Monsters - Denis And The Traktors