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    BRDisc 1BR1: Girlville (Feat. Kathy Hettel Mary Chris Henry and Tricia Countryman)BR2: It's Not Your Fault (Feat. Kelly Harland)BR3: I've Run All Out of Tears (To Cry Over You) feat. Lisa MycholsBR4: My Heart Belongs to One Boy (Feat. Lisa Jenio)BR5: How Do You Know When You Fall in Love? (Feat. Tricia Countryman)BR6: I'm in Love With George Harrison (Feat. Molly Felder)BR7: Bom Sh'bom Sh'bom (Feat. Julie Johnson Sand)BR8: Pretty Good Sign (Feat. Kathy Hettel)BR9: Because I Love Him (Feat. Andrea Perry)BR10: Chemistry (Feat. Kathy Hettel)BR11: Jealous Girl (Feat. Andrea Perry)BR12: One Last Dance Together (Feat. Molly Felder)BR13: Love 'Till the End of Time (Feat. Kelly Harland)BR14: Little Shy Boy (Feat. Julie Johnson Sand)BR15: Proud to Be His Girlfriend (Feat. Lisa Mychols)BR16: Twist Party at Granny's House (Feat. Kathy Hettel)BR17: I'll Be Good for You (Feat. Tricia Countryman)BR18: Little Bitty Snowflake (A Christmas Story) feat. Lisa JenioBR19: Johnny Still Loves Me (For Shelly Fabares) feat. Tricia Countryman